About Voices for Justice


Every voice deserves to be heard

This is such a simple statement, but every day millions of young children and women throughout the world are denied a voice.

  • When thousands of children and women have been subjected to sexual violence and abuse
  • When there are millions of women across the world who endure domestic violence because of fear,
  • When there are millions of children who live in residential institutions because they have lost both parents,
  • When over thousands of children under the age of 15 die every day from AIDS-related illness,
  • When children and adolescent, across the globe, are denied their rights to education, forced to marry before they are 18 years old; recruited into armed forces and serve as Child Soldiers, serving life imprisonment without the possibility of parole,
  • When there are millions of children throughout the world denied basic health care, proper nutrition, immunization, clean water and safe place to sleep, then …

Every voice is not heard.

As a founding member, with a group of multicultural youth, we have established Voices for Justice, in 2005, northern California. We advocate for the rights of children and adolescent by providing a forum for public awareness through: education, community service, events and programs so that every child and every young adult has the opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential. A UNICEF ambassador, Voices for Justice believes it is our duty and our responsibility to serve our community, to stand against injustice to demand that very child have the right and the opportunity to fulfill his or her highest potential.

Hamaseh Kianfar, Ed. D.

Hamaseh Kianfar, Ed. D. has a doctoral degree in education with focus on Organization and Leadership, and a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has worked, in collaboration, with Humanitarian Organizations such as UNESCO, UN NGOs, Amnesty International and others, developed programs to advocate for human rights with focus on women and children’s rights, including Voices for Justice, a global youth organization advocating for women and children’s rights. 


Hamaseh Kianfar gave a talk on: The role of forgiveness in healing trauma
at the annual Beyond Identification event
Theme: Heart-Based Treatment of Trauma
Saturday March 12, 2022