Afghan Women, Human Rights & the transformative power of the Arts

Shared and co-organized by the United Voices for Peace

Date: 22 September 2022

Time: 6 pm EDT

Location: 424 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019


It has been a year since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, and with the economic sanctions and other restrictions from the international community. As a result, Afghanistan is facing a dire humanitarian crisis. Afghan women and children, particularly girls, have been hit the hardest. After two decades of hard-won gains, Afghan women have seen their rights evaporate before their eyes and young girls’ dreams for their futures have been squashed.

Join MALA, United Voices 4 Peace and the 49% for a special screening of the short animated film “Samira’s Camera’’* followed by a panel discussion around Afghan Women, Human Rights & the transformative power of the Arts, to mark this year’ International Peace Day. Sign up on Eventbrite to help us share Samira’s story – and the story of Afghan women- with the World !

About the movie:

Samira’s Camera is a four minute animated film about Samira*, a filmmaker, young mother, and wife who was uprooted from her home following threats by the Taliban. Samira spends her days trawling the streets of Kabul, capturing stories most are too frightened to tell. At night, she, her husband, and one-year-old son shelter in a safe house.

Samira is based on the true story of our friend and colleague, a filmmaker whose films we have been proud to show at our film festivals and gatherings. After the Taliban came to power, Samira reached out to us for help. We committed to helping her family, but just as critically, we promised to tell her story.